Donald Trump and his Love of Twitter

Whether Donald Trump’s Twitter account has ultimately helped him or harmed him this election is up for debate. He has made such prolific use of the social media platform that it is almost hard to separate the man from his account. He has 12.7 million followers, and he certainly provides them with a steady stream of material.

Should Trump have avoided Twitter?

What would his election campaign look like if Trump shut down his Twitter account at some point? It is a fair question open to speculation, and it is something that his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, addressed during an interview with CNN.
Literally, people will seriously say, ‘Can't you delete his Twitter app?' — Kellyanne Conway
This is certainly a thought that many have pondered during Trump's election campaign, regardless of which way you lean politically. While Twitter has certainly allowed Trump to build his loyal core support base, it has also served to alienate many others with remarks being taken as offensive to a variety of groups.

Ultimately it is Trump's campaign

In the end Trump is an adult and free to make his own choices however he sees fit. While some within his friends, family and staff may advise him to stop tweeting, there is really nothing that they can do. His campaign manager summed up her thoughts well, bluntly stating the facts.
It's not for me to take away a grown man's Twitter account. — Kellyanne Conway
While it may seem advisable to many to take away his account, or at least screen the tweets before he sends them, it appears this is not a concern to him. This leaves Kellyanne Conway in the difficult position of trying to answer for things that he says whenever he wants, and on whichever topic he feels.

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