Donald Trump: A real choice

On Tuesday, April 14, Donald Trump spoke at a gathering of Republican presidential candidates in New York City, five days before the state primary. He recounted his developer/construction experiences in the city highlighting simple straightforward approaches to solving problems that others found intractable. This is a different kind of candidate.

To better understand how this “rookie pol” has impacted the 2016 presidential process, we need to look at Trump’s influence on the Republican party. It should be noted that the party has not succeeded in putting a candidate in the White House for 12 years. In 2012 with an incumbent Barack Obama bringing a less than illustrious record to the game, the Democrat party turned out 78% of their vote while the Republicans, under chairman Reince Priebus, was only able to turn out 72% of their vote.

So much for the party’s placebo politicians and scripted obeisance to the middle class. Lacking years of practice with duplicitous PC expressions, “The Donald” simply tells you what he thinks and, judging from results so far, the voters understand and agree with what he is saying. Delivering his message acapella means he doesn’t need the orchestra anymore which is very threatening to the folks schooled by years of practice in “political-speak”.

This is in stark contrast to “dry cleaned” (emphasis on dry) speeches delivered by his competition which remind you of Nelson Rockefeller making another failed attempt at a Republican presidential nomination, during which someone characterized his speeches as BOMFOG, brotherhood of man, fatherhood of God.

Trump offers a laundry list of platform planks similar to every other Republican wannabe who offers his/her services to turn the ship-of-state around. With eight dismal Obama years in the rear view, there is no shortage of critical problems casting long shadows over the late, great U S of A – as the liberal view likes characterize the state of the union. Liberals, candidates and media alike, tells us that sub two percent growth is all we should expect and another few trillion in debt is inconsequential. Get used to your new normal is their message.

Against this backdrop, ‘conservative’ contenders offer PC nuanced alternatives to the liberal surrender doctrine which has an ‘I’ve heard this song before’ sound to voters. Maybe huge debts and uncontrollable entitlements is the future we’ve made for ourselves – stay away from third rails! These problems seem intractable.

So what do ice rinks have to do with the national debt? From the New York Times, November 15, 1986, “Donald J. Trump refurbished the Central Park -skating rink two and a half months ahead of his own speedy six-month schedule and $750,000 below his own projected $3 million budget, having taken over the project after the city spent six years and $12 million unsuccessfully trying to get the job done.” Mr. Trump went on to describe other New York City projects he rescued during his April 14 speech.

To the bleak future painted by the establishment, candidate Donald Trump says emphatically baloney-salami in plain speak that doesn’t suggest a menu option in a Trump fine dining facility. Whether we are talking about a messed-up economy, terrorism or immigration, he is telling us he can fix it. Given his track record of accomplishment compared with that of other potential ballot choices, it is an offer that millions have already said, we can’t refuse.

Self-funded, Donald Trump bows before no idols or sacred cows whose oxen may need to be gored.

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