CNN Commentator: Trump Unfit to be Human

CNN commentator Ana Navarro went beyond many others in saying that Republican nominee Trump is not only unfit to be President, but saying "he was unfit to be human". Navarro's comments came after Trump's tweet regarding the death of NBA star Dwyane Wade's cousin. Trump tweeted:
In response, Navarro said in her comments:
"Forget being unfit to be president. He's unfit to be human...Was he raised by wolves? Who has that as a first reaction upon somebody's death?" -Ana Navarro
Navarro, formerly a supporter of ex-Florida governor Jeb Bush, also derided Trump for his immigration comments:
"Hispanics are not going to forget Judge Curiel...African-Americans are not going to forget that he started the birther movement. I don't think Jewish folks forget the anti-Semitic ad against Hillary Clinton. The problem that Donald Trump has is that most humans have a memory. And we're not going to forget it within one week" -Ana Navarro