Clinton tax returns show income of 10.6 mil, Trump has so far refused to release taxes

Hillary Clinton released her 2015 tax return on Friday, and it revealed that the former First Lady and former President are doing well financially, although their combined income dropped by some $18 million from their 2014 report. The returns showed that the Clinton’s had $10.6 million in adjusted gross income for 2015, down from $28 million in 2014. The Clinton’s paid a federal tax rate of 34% on their income and that they donated nearly 10% of their income to charity.

Trump has refused to release his returns due to ongoing audit

It has long been a tradition for presidential candidates to release a copy of their tax returns ahead of the election. Donald Trump has so far refused to release his returns citing an ongoing audit. There is no law that prevents Trump from releasing tax returns that are under audit but Trump has declined. He has stated that his tax lawyers have advised him against a release. The Clinton campaign was quick to point out Trump’s failure to join Clinton in releasing his returns:
"Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine continue to set the standard for financial transparency as she releases her 2015 personal tax return. In stark contrast, Donald Trump is hiding behind fake excuses and backtracking on his previous promises to release his tax returns. He has failed to provide the public with the most basic financial information disclosed by every major candidate in the last 40 years. What is he trying to hide?" — Jennifer Palmieri – Clinton campaign staff

Poll show that most voters want Trump to release returns

A Washington Post/ABC News poll last May showed that 64% of the country felt that Trump should release his tax returns. The longer Trump delays the release of his returns the greater likelihood that the non-release could become a major issue in his campaign.

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