Clinton and Trump Campaigns Post Strong Fundraising Months

Both the Clinton and Trump campaigns reported strong fundraising months on Tuesday, with Clinton slightly outpacing the Trump campaign. Both campaigns were largely driven by small individual donations from supporters as opposed to larger donations. 

Trump's campaign brought in 80 million dollars in donations, a 30 million dollar increase from June. This gives Trump over 30 million dollars cash on hand between his campaign and official SuperPAC, Trump VictoryPAC. Of Trump's 80 million raised, 64 million came from small donations, while the other 16 million came primarily from the Republican National Committee. According to Trump, his average donation was $69. During the current campaign cycle, Trump has personally contributed 56 million of his own money into the campaign. His campaign finance chairperson said: 

"We are extremely proud of our 69 percent growth in small dollar donations which shows the broad based support of over one million donors across America" 
-Steven Mnuchin

Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign announced they had raised 90 million dollars and had 58 million cash on hand. They also announced that the average donation was $44 and 54% was from new donors. 

While large campaign war chests are very important, they are no guarantee of a win. In 2012, Mitt Romney raised over 100 million in July and President Obama raised 75 million, but Obama still won the election handily. 

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