Chris Christie Vetoes Bill Making NJ Minimum Wage $15

Outgoing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie passed an executive veto on a bill that would make the minimum wage in New Jersey $15. The states current minimum wage is $8.40 and would have jumped to $10.10 next year and increased to $15 over the next five years.
Christie described the bill as something that would hurt small businesses, saying:
"All of this sounds great, raising the minimum wage, when you're spending someone else's money" -Chris Christie
However, the state's Democratic led assembly announced plans to pass an executive veto bill the further the bill. They want to pass a constitutional veto to take away his power. The head of the NJWFA (New Jersey Working Family Alliance) expressed her disappointment:
"The governor's actions have only served to temporarily thwart a unified effort to raise New Jersey families and provide a much needed boost to our economy" -Ananalia Mejia
Christie is nearing the end of his second term as Governor this winter and this will likely be one of his final vetoes. He was once immensely popular in the state and seen as a possible Presidential candidate, but has been rocked by a Bridge scandal and had a distant finish in this year's Presidential primaries.

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