Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump: Still Friends

Despite the animosity between the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump revealed that her and Chelsea Clinton remained great friends. At one point, the Clintons and Trump were on good terms, with Bill and Hillary Clinton attending Trump's wedding to Melania Trump. 

Ivanka said that Chelsea Clinton remained "a great girl" and "a great friend" and that they were " not the candidates...we're the candidates children". She added that the two:

"Never talked about politics before this campaign...and it's probably a good topic to avoid"
-Ivanka Trump 

Trump and Clinton both have similar backgrounds; they both are around the same age Trump (36) and Clinton (34), both attended elite universities Trump (Penn) Clinton (Stanford), come from elite families and became parents around the same time. Trump has said in the past that "friendship is more important than politics" and the two were introduced by their husbands.