California's Crowded November Ballot

California will have a crowded ballot in November as Secretary of State Alex Padilla finalized the list on June 30, which is the required deadline of 131 days before Election Day. There will be as many as 18 measures on the ballot, which is the greatest number since March 2000. 

Californians can look forward to a barrage of advertising as special interest groups seek to influence the minds of the voters. For example, the drug industry is expected to pour at least $100 million into defeating the Drug Price Relief Act measure. Total spending on ballot measures could easily approach a half a billion dollars by November. 

Hardly anything on this ballot is boring. These are all hot-button issues, and ones that will generate big time advertising expenditures.
-Thad Kousser, UC San Diego political science professor 

There are at least three additional measures that have qualified for the ballot, but the Secretary of State has not issued yet issued a final title and description.