California Marijuana Initiative Leading in Polls

California Proposition 64, which would legalize recreational marijuana, is looking like a winner with the voters. Last week, the Institute of Governmental Studies at UC Berkley released their latest poll on Proposition 64. The survey showed that 63.8 % of voters plan to vote ‘yes’ for the November ballot measure to legalize the use of recreational marijuana.
Government filings show that proponents of Prop. 64 have raised $6.5 million to support passage of the ballot initiative while opponents have only collected $185,870.

Would allow adults to grow six marijuana plants

If passed, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act would allow California residents (over 21) to grow six marijuana plants for their personal use and possess up to an ounce of marijuana at any time. It also permits the commercial operation of marijuana farms. In acknowledgment of the role that the illegal cultivation currently plays in the economy of some Northern California counties, for the first five years the measure will favor granting cultivation permits to small farmers.
California would tax and regulate the sale of marijuana on the both the state and local level and is expected to generate more than $1 billion in new tax revenues. California has allowed the use of medical marijuana since 1996 and there already a network of marijuana dispensaries in many local jurisdictions.

Will encourage other states to legalize recreational marijuana

Passage of Proposition 64 will put greater pressure on the federal government to modify its classification of marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug. California is the nation’s largest state by population and third largest by land area. The state is the world’s sixth largest economy and is an influential trendsetter. It will become increasingly difficult for federal laws to differ so dramatically with state law on the possession of marijuana.
The times are indeed changing.