California Bill Would Allow Low-Risk Felons to Vote from Jail

A newly approved bill would allow low-risk felons in county jail to vote. Right now California laws dictate that felons who are released and complete parole are allowed to vote, but not in country jail. Those currently in jail for misdemeanors are already allowed to vote and those who are in prison for felonies would not be allowed to meet. The law passed 23-13 and is pending signature from Governor Jerry Brown. Democrat assemblyman Bob Hertzberg advocated for the bill, saying:
"When people violate the law they should pay a price...But is the price forever? Is the price to disenfranchise them from civic engagement?" -Bob Hertzberg
However, some Republicans were opposed to the bill, saying that it awards people who have not yet completed their prison sentences. Sen. Joel Anderson said:
"You are rewarding people who have made no attempt at redeeming themselves...The right to vote is not the way to rehabilitate people. Let's not reward bad behavior." -Joel Anderson

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