Bernie Sanders Will Launch Organization to Further Progressive Movement

Moving swiftly after his endorsement of Hillary Clinton effectively ended his Presidential bid, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders announced he will launch an organization that further advocates the progressive views he has advocated for. The organization, called 'Our Revolution' will help sponsor and support candidates who share Sanders's progressive views. 

The organization will support more than a 100 potential candidates ranging from local to national candidates. Sanders said of the organization: 

“If we are successful, what it will mean is that the progressive message and the issues that I campaigned on will be increasingly spread throughout this country,” Sanders said. “The goal here is to do what I think the Democratic establishment has not been very effective in doing. And that is at the grass-roots level, encourage people to get involved, give them the tools they need to win, help them financially.”
-Bernie Sanders

Sanders said that the organization plans to back not only Democrats, but any independents that have progressive ideas as well. At the same time, Sanders has emphasized that he will stay a candidate until the convention so that he can continue to further his message amongst Democratic votes. He added:

“The way to go forward is to build a progressive movement around a very progressive agenda. What you’re seeing is more traditional Democrats, more establishment Democrats, move in our direction because they see the support out there for our ideas.”
-Bernie Sanders

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