Bernie Sanders Says Hillary Must Cut All Ties to Clinton Foundation if Elected

Former Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, appearing on Meet the Press Sunday said that his former rival, Hillary Clinton must cut off all ties to the family's foundation if she is elected, citing a potential conflict of interest. In the interview Sanders said:
"I would certainly suggest that as president of the United States she should cease all operations, all contact, with the Clinton Foundation" -Bernie Sanders
During the primary Sanders was often critical of the potential conflict of interest between the foundation and the Secretary of State, saying:
"A sitting secretary of state and a foundation run by her husband collects many, many dollars from foreign governments — governments which are dictatorships" -Bernie Sanders
However, like many, Sanders cited the importance of the Foundation to various treatments such as HIV/AIDS and was adamant that the Foundation itself should stay open, without involvement from the Clintons.
The Clinton Foundation was formed after Bill Clinton's Presidency in 2001 and before Hillary Clinton's term as Secretary of State. Some estimates put that the Foundation has saved up to 12 million lives in Central Africa due to their approach of preventing disease. However, many have criticized Clinton's lack of disassociation with the Foundation during her tenure, including holding meetings with donors.

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