Anthony Weiner in Another Sexting Scandal

Former Congressman Anthony Wiener, who resigned from office after tweeting out an inappropriate picture and whose bid for mayor was crushed by another scandal, has been once again embroiled in a sexting scandal. Pictures reportedly shown by the New York Post show Weiner taking several inappropriate pictures, with one taken with his four year old son next to him in bed.
Weiner is currently married to close Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, who stuck with him after his previous infidelities. Abedin has served Clinton for two decades, first as her intern, and then as top aide and communications director throughout her terms in the Senate and Secretary of State. However, after the latest scandal Abedin announced she will separate from Wiener. In a statement, Abedin said:
"After long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, I have made the decision to separate from my husband...Anthony and I remain devoted to doing what is best for our son, who is the light of our life. During this difficult time, I ask for respect for our privacy" -Huma Abedin

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