18-30 Year Old Americans Strongly Support Most Pro-LBGT Legislation

A new survey done by the youth polling organization GenFoward. GenForward is a polling organization formed in conjunction with the University of Chicago that specifically works with minority youth populations to gather opinions on a variety of different racial and ethnic minorities.
The poll shows that between 80-100% of the youth population (including proportionate percentages of Latin-Americans, African-Americans, and Asian Americans) support the ability for LGBT couples to adopt children, equal rights for LGBT employees, and increased resources for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. Sensitivity training for police regarding transgender population remains a little more controversial, but is still supported by close to 70% of those surveyed.
Just within the last two years, favorable opinions on LBGT equal rights and HIV/AIDS prevention has risen by over 10% per ethnic group across the board. However, a lower 60% of people believe that transgender therapy and conversion should be covered under insurance.
The same poll also showed that only 6% of youth believed that LBGT rights was one of the primary problems in the country. For youths who identified as LGBT, this percentage rose to 17%. The poll was conducted with over 1,500 youth and was paid for by the University of Chicago and taken online.

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